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Ramp/Soak function (option)

The instrument can program up to 4 ramp/soak steps.  Up to 16 different modes of ramp/soak operations are possible.


PID+Autotuning, PID+Fuzzy Control

For obtaining the optimum PID parameters, the autotuning procedure is used.  The autotuning procedure can be manually set on or off.  Also, fuzzy control procedure is a standard procedure for suppressing the overshoot and improves the response to disturbance without changing the PID parameters.  Due to these functions, optimum control parameters suitable for each application is obtained.

Temperature Alarm

This controller provides a wide selection of alarm types to configure up to two alarm contacts.  Alarm types with Hold are configured in the controller.  Upon power on, the alarm action is suppressed by the Hold action until the input value has entered the non-alarm range.

Heating/Cooling control output

In a single controller, both heating and cooling output are obtained because two control outputs are used.  The use of heating/cooling output control contributes to energy savings in applications where process generated heat exists.  The controller can be set to the overlap or deadband mode.


Heater Breaker Alarm

By using a dedicated current transformer, the current of the heater is monitored.  When the heater is detected burnout, a Heater Breaker Alarm is delivered.  The Heater Breaker Alarm not only monitors the current of the heater, but also displays the actual amperage on the front of the controller.

RS485 Communication

With RS485 interface, the Modbus protocol is used to communicate with computers, PLCs, or SCADA system in your plant.




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